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Lutherville Rock School Instructors
Lutherville Rock School has highly qualified instructors and musicians dedicated to making your lessons satisfying and to lead you to your musical goals. 
Private lessons are structured to develop your performance skills so you can participate in a band immediately. 


Here are some of the instructors available for lessons and band coaching.
​Click on their names for more info. 
Scott Fisher - Guitars - Drums - Band Coaching
Bruce Anderson - Keyboards -Band Coaching
Greg Wimmer - Guitar Instruction
Chris Phillips - Drums
Drew Wright - Vocals - Guitar

Interested in learning more?

Scott Fisher is a highly experienced guitarist, musician and
performer. Coming from a family of musicians, Scott started playing
guitar at the early age of four and began intensive classical guitar
training by age eight. This intense musical education formed the
foundation for this budding child prodigy. However, Scott’s true
musical passion was sparked by his garage sale purchase of Kiss’s
album, Destroyer. Scott was immediately hooked on Rock n’ Roll and
began practicing electric guitar a dizzying 10 hours a day. He learned
to play note for note replications of all the great guitar solos by
such artists as Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, and Ace Frehley.

Scott started his first band, Avarice, at the age of 12. This project
landed his band a single and a performance on Star Search. In 1996,
Scott founded his second rock band, Foam, which within the year signed
a multi-million dollar record deal with entertainment goliath Epic
Records/Sony BMG. In May 1998, the band released it’s debut record
“Big Windshield Little Mirror” and toured extensively with bands such
as Creed, Live, Everclear, Blink182, Third Eye Blind, The Goo Goo
Dolls and Matchbox 20.

Currently Scott resides in Baltimore, MD, is a father of two, and is
active as a musician and a professional abstract artist. Scott is
thrilled to offer his musical knowledge with students young and old
who share his enthusiasm for music.
Scott Fisher
Music Director, Advanced, Beginner Guitar, Bass Instructor
Bruce Anderson
Bruce Anderson is the owner/director of Lutherville Music School and teaches Yamaha Music School classes. Bruce has been in the music industry for over 30 years and has a wide range of knowledge in electronic keyboards and synthesizers.
Bruce is the keyboard player for the Washington Capitals (NHL) and the Washington Wizards (NBA) at the Verizon Center in DC. 

Education, performance, music theory and practical musicianship are all taught in his classes and lessons.

Educated at the University of Miami with a degree in Theory and Composition. 
He has two grown children and resides in Lutherville, MD. 
Keyboards and Band Coaching

Greg Wimmer began his love of music as soon as he could reach the keys of his parent's piano. After taking lessons for a while, Greg began teaching himself rock and roll by learning the music of The Beatles and Jerry Lee Lewis before progressing to the works of Elton John and Billy Joel. Greg wasn't satisfied with just learning the piano. Over the years, he has spent time playing the drums, bass, guitar, and saxophone. While he has had formal instruction from greats like Mark St. Pierre and Charles Freitag, Greg values his own exploration of instruments as the key to his success.
Along with past experience in a band, Greg has spent time in the studio. As a student, he learned the recording aspect of music from The Sheffield Institute of Recording Arts. Following his completion of his education at Sheffield, Greg interned at the studio which allowed for him to sit in on many sessions and learn from engineers and producers with Gold and Platinum credits. As a musician, Greg has played on various studio projects including working with Lutherville's own Mike Ruocco (Plunge, Cinder Road, SR-71).
While Greg plays piano, his focus lies with guitar. His teaching approach to guitar varies based on the individual student's needs, but the goal for each student is the same - to quickly get them playing their favorite music. Greg's students learn the secrets to chords, scales, shapes, positions, and ear training, in a way that takes away the intimidation factor of learning the guitar.
Greg is a graduate of University of Baltimore. He also owns and operates Boxador Music, which creates custom music for advertising, video, and web.
Greg Wimmer
Guitar Instruction

Chris Phillips has been playing in bands and recording from the age of 16. Appearing with groups such as The Fugitives, Modern Ruins, France and currently The Black Labels, Chris has played in historic venues like CBGB's, The Limelight and The Knitting Factory in NewYork.
Locally he has performed at all the classic Baltimore clubs - Hammerjacks, The Recher Theater, Ottobar, The Bayou and the old 9:30 Club

Chris currently teaches at Medfield Heights Elementary School, which is ranked as the Best Overall City Public Elementary School for the past three years. He teaches Music and Art to K through 5th graders. 
He also heads up the MHES Drum Club.

While drums and percussion are his primary instrument, Chris also plays guitar, bass and vocals. He likes to teach recording techniques using Garage Band and other programs to his students as well. 

Chris loves to share his passion for music and performance with students of all ages. 

Drew Wright - is a Baltimore native who started learning the piano at age six. When he turned  ten, he began to play trumpet and played in wind ensembles until he was eighteen. However, his true love of music began when he picked up his grandfather’s guitar at the age of thirteen. He decided to pursue music as a career and started Asbestos with his friend Erik. After releasing 3 CDs and touring across the country 7 times, Asbestos is still going strong, always searching for new ways to explore “the Prog/Punk Dichotomy.” When he was seventeen, Drew decided to study Music Composition and Recording Technology at UMBC from where he graduated in 2012. He currently works as a Youth Choir Director at Calvary Baptist Church in Towson and continues to play with Asbestos.
Chris Phillips 
Drum Instruction
Drew Wright
Vocals -Guitar